We began this blog to start a discussion about new models for drug discovery, and we’re trying to engage you and other bloggers to participate in the discussion. We thought it would be helpful for us to provide some links and shortcuts for you to help you keep in touch with drug discovery blogs and news.

List of Interesting Blogs for Drug Discovery Researchers




In the Pipeline

Derek Lowe, Vertex employee, blogs about drug discovery from a chemist’s point of view. This is likely the most popular blog and it has a great list of others as well.


Drug Discovery 2.0

Assay Depot’s CEO and staff discuss new


Pharma Strategy Blog

Sally Church, who led the marketing team for Gleevec, talks about oncology as well as issues regarding patients and doctors, which I think drug discovery researchers should be mindful of.


Drug Discovery Opinion

Reviews of literature from a group of medicinal chemists.


The In Vivo Blog

Nice mix of pharma R&D, business development, marketing commentary from several authors.


Most of the blogs below have a blogroll to help you find other sources, and we encourage you to learn about using RSS feeds to get information whenever they are updated (learn more about RSS feeds and readers here). To get you started, here are some shortcuts. 


Shortcuts: Convenient Sources of Drug Discovery Information




Drug Discovery News

News feed from FiercePharma, Xconomy, C&EN (some filtered for only drug discovery/pharma news)

bit.ly/ddnewsrss (RSS),bit.ly/ddnewsemail (email)

Drug Discovery Blogs

Feed and email alerts from the blogs listed in Table 1.

bit.ly/ddblogsrss (RSS),bit.ly/ddblogsemail (email)

General Overviews of Social Media

As part of the San Diego Biotechnology Network, we’ve given a presentation and provided a review of resources for social media specific to life sciences.

sdbn.org/sms (review),sdbn.org/sdsms (presentation)

Social Media for Drug Discovery

We’ve listed these tables of links for you so you can just type in one address and access all the links.


Do you have a source you’d like to share? Leave it below, and we also encourage you to interact with us and the bloggers we’ve listed, as it moves us towards our goal of revolutionizing the drug discovery process.