It’s no secret that here at the Depot, we love CouchDB. We have been using CouchDB as our main database for a couple of years now. In that time, the team responsible for creating couch has formed a company,, to foster and support the growing community. recently did a case study on the way Assay Depot uses Couch. If you are interested in a taking a peek under the hood of how Assay Depot works (or want to get more familiar with Couch) head over there now and take a look.

CouchDB is really taking off. I was excited this week when I got a note from Andrew Su at the GNF informing me that BioGPS has converted to CouchDB. If you’re not familiar with BioGPS, it’s a great resource for learning about gene and protein function. It’s a great product; if you are looking for information about genes or proteins, I’d recommend checking it out.