Pfizer Assay Depot

Pfizer signs deal with Assay Depot

Assay Depot  announced this morning, the launch of MXIS (Market Exchange for Innovative Services), a virtual outsourcing platform for Pfizer scientists. MXIS, an Assay Depot Enterprise Solution, brings together research services from thousands of global vendors (aka CROs) into one secure website, enabling Pfizer scientists to communicate with any research vendor.

Using MXIS, Pfizer researchers can query the marketplace for services, request quotes, find and compare outsourced services, place orders, track projects, create reports and much more. It is a centralized IT platform that enables Pfizer scientists to create, customize and purchase any research service, and to manage the sourcing project from initial request to service delivery.

“MXIS gives scientists rapid and efficient access to innovative research services from any global service provider in Assay Depot’s network,” said Robert Kaufman, Assay Depot’s VP of Engineering. “With just a few mouse clicks, scientists can quickly order or custom design a research service and then work closely with their outsourcing partners, significantly reducing the time it takes to complete a research project.”

[pullquote]“The MXIS sourcing system fosters transparency across Pfizer’s global research operations and external services,” said Sylvie Sakata, Pfizer’s Senior Director, External Research Solutions. “It’s a new way to empower our scientists and strengthen relationships with our external research partners, promoting innovation across the entire Pfizer research community.”[/pullquote]

MXIS serves as a benchmarking tool and a research platform designed to benefit the entire chain of R&D stakeholders. Additional benefits include:

  • Greater level of integration with preferred service providers
  • Process simplification for sourcing operations
  • Standardization of sourcing governance processes
  • Reduction in costs by increasing efficiency and enabling apples-to-apples comparisons
  • Generation of metrics/tracking that inform development of new sourcing strategies and continuously improve existing ones

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