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    The partnership with Austrade, Australia’s economic development agency, brings Australian capabilities to our clients, develops new supplier markets and provides some of the best and most effective research to the world.

  • World-Leading Research

    Excellent research facilities, world-class scientists and a strong but flexible regulatory regime have made Australia a powerhouse of biotechnology and pharmaceutical innovation.

  • Successful Biotech Innovation

    Australia has a successful history of achieving breakthroughs in biotechnology and ranks among the top 5 in the world for biotech innovation.

  • Sophisticated Health Ecosystem

    Australia has an accessible and world-class research infrastructure, health system and clinical environment. and Austrade Are Bringing Australian Scientific Expertise to the World

Australia is home to some of the world’s leading scientists, physicians and healthcare professionals. It boasts world-class medical research and healthcare infrastructure, a stable socioeconomic environment, an ethnically diverse, well-educated population and a strong intellectual property regime.

Australia’s track record in discovery and commercialisation includes developing penicillin as a medicine for civilian use, discovering the link between Helicobacter pylori and gastric ulcers, spray-on skin for burn treatments, influenza treatment (Relenza), and the cervical cancer vaccine.

Australia is a global leader in research and development, offering opportunities for services ranging from discovery research to product development partnerships.

Through Austrade’s partnership with global companies can have greater access to Australia’s world class research capabilities.


Austrade’s Story

The Australian Trade & Investment Commission (Austrade) is the federal government agency for international trade promotion and investment attraction. Austrade is excited to partner with to further link Australian suppliers to the globe.
Austrade can also provide global companies the following services for companies seeking to enter in Australia’s biotechnology, pharma and medical R&D industry:

• Initial coordination of enquiries and assistance with stakeholder introductions
• Market intelligence information
• Business environment and regulatory information
• Advice on Australian government programs and approval process
• Introductions to Australian service providers
• Ongoing advice for companies who seek to establish manufacturing operations or local branches
• Identification of suitable investment locations & partners in Australia, including site visit coordination


“We are excited to launch this partnership with to facilitate further connections between Australian biotechs and global suppliers, as well as Australian suppliers with customers worldwide.”

-Nicola Watkinson, General Manager, Austrade Americas


Australia has excellent research infrastructure and a world-class health ecosystem staffed by world-leading scientists and other professionals. The US FDA and European Medicines Evaluation Agency (EMEA) accept Australian data in regulatory submissions due to this reputation for quality.


Australia has a fast and pragmatic regulatory system backed by a robust regulatory framework. It has strong and effective intellectual property (IP) protection and a track record of commercial success.


Conducting life science R&D in Australia is 28% cheaper than the US before tax incentives and 60% cheaper after tax incentives according to Frost & Sullivan research. Austrade can help you determine whether your company may qualify for the federal R&D tax incentive.


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