Human Biological Samples

Compliance. Donor Consent. Risk Reduction.

Access High Quality Samples

Human Biological Samples enable advances in scientific studies. However, sourcing can be a challenge. has developed a reputable network of suppliers and biobanks to ensure that users have access to the most accurate and ethically sourced samples.

Identify Quality Sources

Human Biological Samples (HBS) are a key component of any drug development program. They enable researchers to investigate how drugs interact with humans prior to entering the clinical trials. They also enable researchers to obtain a better understanding of the mechanism of disease to continue to develop more efficacious treatments. As organs, human tissue, and genetic material are increasingly being used in pharmaceutical research, we at want to enable researchers to identify the best quality sources of HBS for their research. We want to ensure the precious human samples, human blood, human plasma and the like, kindly donated by patients, are used to enable advances in treatment whilst always ensuring that the wishes of the original donor are respected.

Donor Consent & Risk Reduction

Our aim is to provide companies the controls to ensure that the samples being requested meet a client’s internal policies and requirements, whilst confirming that appropriate documentation has been obtained and communicated to enable the wishes of the donor to be respected at all times. The implementation of a new compliance process that focuses on donor consent significantly reduces the risks associated with using HBS. It will enable researchers to gain faster access to critical research material needed to respond to global health emergencies, or to continue to develop new treatments to combat complex disorders, such as cancer, heart disease and other widespread diseases.

A Compliance Process That Works

We have created this new compliance process in partnership with eight leading pharmaceutical companies, leading HBS suppliers, and Biobank organizations such as the UK Clinical Research Collaboration Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre (UK CRC TCC). The new compliance and governance framework increases visibility, traceability and control for both commercial and academic HBS sources. It standardizes the way pharmaceutical companies and individual researchers evaluate potential Biobanks and by doing so simplifies the process and reduces delays for all parties. This new process is only available through the marketplace.


Compliance at the heart of the process

Support compliance to internal policies using our custom-designed functionality

Access relevant information on hundreds of HBS sources

Benefit from a pre-negotiated HBS Supply Agreement developed by clients and suppliers

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Utilize industry-leading functionality to support your research

Instantly access the tools large pharmas use to drive internal compliance.

Access relevant information on hundreds of HBS sources.

Benefit from a pre-negotiated HBS Supply Agreement developed by pharma and suppliers.

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Reduce the admin, maintain quality and increase your visibility

Share relevant due diligence information with all clients in one step.

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Utilize a pre-negotiated HBS Supply Agreement developed by suppliers and clients.

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