NurseNow Staffing and Are Working Together to Address the Nursing Shortage through Rapid Staff Placement

Why Did NurseNow and Form a Partnership?

NurseNow Staffing is North America’s fastest-growing nurse staffing agency, specializing in decentralized clinical research. Using their proprietary vetting process, they find highly qualified nurses for decentralized clinical trials, long-term care, skilled nursing, venous access, and intravenous infusions. NurseNow Staffing is in a unique position of being a boutique-sized agency with the ability to rapidly scale, so they are able to respond to clients’ needs with both volume and speed. NurseNow Staffing finds nurses with the preferred credentials and clinical expertise specific to clients’ needs and respond to client requests immediately, filling most nursing positions within 24 hours.

Benefits of working with NurseNow +

First-rate Nurses

Proprietary vetting process guarantees highly qualified and properly credentialed nurses are hired


Unparalleled Speed

Nurses typically placed within 24 hours


Targeted Expertise

NurseNow’s customizable and thorough nurse vetting process ensures nurses are placed with the particular expertise that matches clients’ needs

Clinical Experience

Since August 2020, NurseNow nurses have worked over 17,000 hours in clinical trials


Patient-Centric Care

NurseNow treats its nurses with care, excellence and respect – so the nurses can do likewise for their patients

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Company Details:

NurseNow Staffing provides nurse staffing solutions for the medical industry, with a specialization in decentralized clinical trials. We leverage the growth and appeal of the gig economy to match highly qualified nurses who want flexibility, fair pay, and freedom with organizations that have unique — and often immediate — needs. is the pharmaceutical industry’s leading AI-powered marketplace for outsourced R&D. The marketplace simplifies R&D sourcing, saves time and money, reduces risk, and provides access to the latest innovative tools and technologies. operates private enterprise marketplaces for most of the world’s major pharmaceutical companies, over 80 biotechnology companies, and the US National Institutes of Health (NIH).