Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) and Real-World Evidence (RWE)

HEOR and RWE guide value-based decisions with the goal of improving patient outcomes, managing costs and accelerating market access. The marketplace and HealthEcomonics.Com’s Connected CommunityTM have combined to further improve access to HEOR, RWE and Market Access services for researchers in the life sciences.

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    HEOR and RWE have become increasingly important to outcomes-based decision making in healthcare. and HealthEconomics.Com make it easier to connect providers and users of high-quality and relevant HEOR and RWE data and services.

    The HEOR & RWE Marketplace

    • Shortens contracting times
    • Standardizes supplier technical diligence
    • Creates a large, pre-qualified supplier base
    • Enables direct communication with global suppliers

    HealthEconomics.Com Connected CommunityTM

    • Promotes innovative providers and services
    • Provides educational content
    • Delivers relevant HEOR/RWE news and insights
    • Offers targeted advertising opportunities

    Click the image below to download a benchmarking survey on the sourcing of HEOR and RWE services.


    Click to watch a webinar hosted by and HealthEconomics.Com introducing the HEOR & RWE Marketplace.

    Click to watch a webinar featuring, and registered marketplace supplier, RTI Health Solutions.