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01 Oct, 2009What is Assay Depot?

Assay Depot was founded in 2007 by a software developer (Chris Petersen), a chemist (Andy Martin) and a cell biologist (me).  The three…

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18 Aug, 2008Academic and Industry Experts Join Assay Depot’s Advisory Board

SAN DIEGO, CA – AUGUST 18, 2008 (PR NEWSWIRE) Assay Depot announced today that it has formed an Advisory Board comprised of both academic and industry experts. The Advisory Board’s role is to help understand and address the many challenges facing Assay Depot as it prepares to launch the world’s first full-service outsourcing marketplace for pharmaceutical research services. “We are…

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04 Apr, 2008Assay Depot Launches Beta Version of Outsourcing Marketplace for Pharmaceutical Researchers

SAN DIEGO—Assay Depot today released the beta version of its outsourcing marketplace for pharmaceutical research services, located at The new marketplace makes research outsourcing easy for scientists and service providers alike. Assay Depot’s outsourcing marketplace provides an easy-to-use, information-rich shopping experience for scientists working in thousands of academic and industry laboratories around the world. Scientists can now access a…

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