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  • “Research will accelerate when sample management and storage are outsourced to specialized, resource centers that can manage and monitor samples in a standardized way and [when] portals like transfer these samples to others who need them."
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  • "We go to great lengths to source and acquire high quality human biospecimens. It’s a long, drawn-out and expensive process."
    Service Provider
  • "It integrates everything I have to do (e.g. legal, finance) and I don't have to worry about compliance issues."
    Pharmaceutical Employee User
  • "One source for all providers, and compliance ensured."
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  • "Trustful ordering of human tissues or cells from approved vendors makes my life much easier."
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  • Because my preferred vendor was already in the Scientist network, I was able to order without the usual 2- to 3-month legal delay.
    Pharma Scientist (Anonymized)
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