There has been a lot of buzz about single-person drug companies running out of their own homes after a recent NPR report. Overseeing the whole drug development process requires great expertise, heavy reliance on outsourced services, high risk, and great persistence. Most people are uncomfortable with theburden of a few small projects at work, and they usually have the additional benefit of working side-by-side with other people. The lone owner at LipimetiX or GlycoSolutions are 100% accountable to their projects and their livelihood is dependent on their success. That is real pressure!  


At Assay Depot, we absolutely love what these scientist-entrepreneurs are trying to do.  In fact, we built our platform to help them succeed. Assay Depot’s web-based platform gives scientist-entrepreneurs two important new capabilities: the ability to custom create and purchase any research service and the ability to communicate with experts in any research area. 


Whether you are comfortable trailblazing on your own or likeworking with a team of trusted employees, Assay Depot is there to help you find the perfect partners for your research needs. We believe that the ideal partner isn’t necessary in the region around you, whether it’s Boston or San Diego. There are excellent CROs that offer quality and reasonably priced services in many different areas of the world.  Being your own boss is challenging enough.  Use Assay Depot to remove the routine from research and access the drug discovery tools you need when you need them.