Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) Sourcing

We have created a new platform that uses COMPLi®, our award-winning compliance solution, to support CMC sourcing. Clients benefit from a more efficient due diligence process. Service providers benefit from the ability to differentiate themselves through superior internal policies, procedures and expertise. Both clients and providers benefit from reduced administrative burden.

Request Info Centralizes and Simplifies CMC Sourcing

    Background – A Single End-to-End CMC Sourcing Platform

    Access supplier information: use our Supplier Intelligence Portal to view up-to-date supplier information including certifications, accreditations, ratings and capabilities

    Ensure compliance: use our COMPLi functionality to increase visibility, traceability and control of regulated sourcing activities

    Balance innovation and consolidation: enable a balanced global CMC strategy in which you access innovation in the long tail but also consolidate spend through large CMC suppliers

    Maintain transparency and control:

    — Access supplier responses to our industry developed CMC RFI

    — Capture supplier approvals for CMC (GLP/GMP) projects

    — Increase researcher support through bespoke/custom functionality designed to support CMC projects


    Order instantly from top suppliers