AI-Driven Procurement From Concept To Clinic

Private, Branded Marketplace for Scientific Sourcing

Scientist.com builds private marketplaces that simplify the purchase of research services – saving time, reducing costs, improving access to innovation and ensuring compliance.

Simplified Ordering

Order without legal or finance delay

Consolidate thousands of long-tail suppliers.

Reduce the time to purchase by weeks.

Get 24/7 help from the Research ConciergeTM.

Time and Cost Savings

Better, faster and cheaper!

Use ratings to make better decisions.

Purchase services whenever ready.

Use multiple quotes to get the best price.

Innovation On Demand

Access cutting-edge technologies

View the hottest tech in the Innovation Hub.

Browse 4,000+ research tools and services.

Connect with 3,000+ signed global research suppliers.

Pre-Qualified Suppliers

Select the best research partners

View supplier capabilities and ratings.

Obtain supplier validation data.

View badges that display supplier status.

Compliance That Works

Improve oversight and reduce risk

Approve regulated services before purchase.

Pre-qualify suppliers of regulated services.

Ensure suppliers maintain compliance.

Human Biological Samples

Compliance at the heart of the process

Support compliance to internal policies using our custom-designed functionality.

Access relevant information on hundreds of HBS sources.

Benefit from a pre-negotiated HBS Supply Agreement developed by clients and suppliers.

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