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Research Innovation At Your Fingertips helps translate your ideas into breakthrough results. Use it to save time, reduce costs and access the latest tools from academic labs and industry-leading CROs.

Simplified Sourcing

Order without legal negotiation

Purchase on-demand, whenever you’re ready.

Connect with thousands of research suppliers.

Get assistance from research sourcing experts.

The Lab is Always Open

Access thousands of experts online

Work anytime on your laptop or smartphone.

Access research suppliers in 100+ countries.

Get help 24/7 from the Research ConciergeTM.

Better, Faster & Cheaper

Improve quality and save time & money

Use supplier ratings to make better decisions.

Reduce the time to purchase by weeks.

Use multiple quotes to get the best price.

Innovation On Demand

Access cutting-edge technologies

View the hottest techs in the Innovation Hub.

Browse 4,000+ research technologies.

Connect with 3,200+ pre-qualified suppliers.

Pre-Qualified Suppliers

Select the Best Research Partners

View supplier capabilities and ratings.

Obtain supplier validation data.

View supplier discounts and guarantees.

Human Biological Samples

Utilize industry-leading functionality to support your research

Instantly access the tools large pharmas use to drive internal compliance.

Access relevant information on hundreds of HBS sources.

Benefit from a pre-negotiated HBS Supply Agreement developed by pharma and suppliers.

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