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Driving faster research in Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR), Real World Evidence (RWE), Market Access, and Evidence-based Value Demonstration. We connect researchers and suppliers working with data and evidence to guide value-based decisions.

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    Healthcare is experiencing an evidence-centric paradigm shift that is changing the way decisions are made in pursuit of “value”. The fields of Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR), Real World Evidence (RWE) and Market Access, collectively referred to as “Value, Evidence and Access”, are at the heart of this transformation due to the pivotal role they play in payer reimbursement, post-marketing safety surveillance and patient outcomes assessment within and outside randomized clinical trials.

    As this need becomes increasingly vital, complex and multi-dimensional, it is imperative to find sourcing and procurement solutions that speed up delivery of commercially-relevant evidence. supports the outsourcing of Value, Evidence and Access projects by helping buyers and sellers of these services establish external partnerships to address the critical business need, workload, regulatory pressures and talent gap, while improving the values of medicines available to patients across the globe.

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    Industry Averages:

    50% of buyers agree it is challenging to find and compare potential suppliers1
    71% of manufacturers outsource most or almost all of their HEOR work, due to limited internal resources, lack of time, and fostering greater credibility by using trusted third-party partners1
    8/10 suppliers agree that it is difficult to navigate through the buyer’s procurement process1


    See below for examples of the hundreds of services offered through the marketplace:

    — Real World Data
    — Systematic Literature Review
    — Budget impact and cost-effectiveness models
    — Pricing and outcomes-based reimbursement
    — Data Analytics
    — Disease and Treatment Outcomes
    — Feasibility Studies
    — Patient-Reported Outcomes
    — Resource Utilization
    — Value communications

    In 2020 we also completed the acquisition of HealthEconomics.Com, the world’s largest digital Connect Community™ that provides a single global link to the health economic and outcomes research, real-world evidence, and Market Access stakeholder communities. Since 1993, they have provided unparalleled access to drive business, improve knowledge, and connect with key customers world-wide.
    The aim of our Connected Community is to:
    — Promote innovative providers and services
    — Provide educational content
    — Deliver relevant HEOR/RWE news and insights
    — Offer targeted advertising opportunities

    Click to watch a webinar hosted by and HealthEconomics.Com introducing the HEOR & RWE Marketplace.

    Click to watch a webinar featuring, and registered marketplace supplier, RTI Health Solutions.

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    1HEOR and RWE Sourcing and Procurement Challenges and Opportunities: A Benchmarking Survey [White Paper].  HealthEconomics.Com and 2018 (November).