Xenografts, organoids, cell lines and other disease models are available through the marketplace. Our proprietary disease model selection platform uses multiple machine learning algorithms to help you sift through large amounts of data and find the most appropriate models for your drug discovery projects. Because pre-establishes supplier legal and finance agreements, you can purchase without delay once the right models are identified.

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    Find PDX, CDX, GEM and other preclinical disease models

    Use proprietary data analysis techniques to search, compare and source the best fit disease model for your study.

    COMPREHENSIVE – perform filtered searches of thousands of disease models
    MODEL COMPARISON – generate in-depth reports based on bioinformatics analyses
    KNOWLEDGEABLE HELP – get expert assistance from our Research Concierge®
    FAST, SIMPLIFIED PURCHASING – when ready, buy models without delay

    In 2017, launched an award-winning compliance platform called COMPLi® to reduce the risks of sourcing human samples. The Disease Model Finder uses COMPLi to ensure that all suppliers and customers have gone through a comprehensive and rigorous qualification process.

    COMPLi ensures visibility, traceability and transparency without sacrificing quality or ethics. has sourcing experts on staff to help guide supplier selection and to troubleshoot any problems that arise.


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